Chick Parsons


Sweetheart –your 3rd letter received and was so welcomed. Did not quite understand situation of current. Is all powers in our district cut off at nights, including ice boxes, lights, etc. Here in Santo Tomas we have no black out and lights are all on all night –some rooms even have several fans. I can imagine your inconvenience –trust it will not last long. Am looking forward to seeing you Sunday at 9:30. So far, haven’t been able to swing and visit until after lunch but am still hopeful. Tell Toots and Keeds not to wait for you and not to worry –you will surely be home. Our friends are still lenient with women and children, but tough as hell as –today 14 more recalled but no release. The population is growing rapidly –I now have a room –cheers. The library ground floor was converted to a room today (No. 0)  and I was appointed monitor in charge (as Pal says leader). It is a nice room for 33 hombres –no gals anymore. I have 6 old time Darkies –average age around 70 –And have lots of fun with them. Also have a number of men from hospitals. Re Toots, I hope you could get some kind of doctor’s certificate as to his present condition having lead, as there may be a question re extending pass. Won’t Katigbak say that she has ‘chronic kidney trouble requiring special liquid diet and constant medical attention. You do not need  a certificate yourself –but the doctor’s certificate for Pat should show 12 or 13 months old instead of 14 if possible, to agree with my statements in January of 10 months old and the other 12 months old. But if the paper shows 14 never mind changing it. I thought (selfishly) you could bring Mike and Pete, so that I could see them while you’re in the office registering –but on second thought it is probably best not to bring them. Especially, if you intend to come in bicycle. If you come in calesa you could consider bringing them, but do not attempt if you had planned to on the bike or with someone else. How I look forward to seeing you dearest, and having a chance to talk with you –and of showing you the inside of this place. Lois and Winnifred and your other friends are waiting to see you. Don’t bring any packages as they will have to go through the line and I don’t want anything to delay us in getting you to the office for registration. This is my last chance to get word to you before I see you –so be good, darling and we shall soon be together (I can’t believe it). Last night  I lay out on the lawn (alone) on my pelote and listened to the concert from 7:30 to 9:00 –the music we both like and a grand moon. It was so glorious and I was so lonely for my gal. Do you see the same old man and think of me too? 

Isn‘t it great to be so much in love as we are, honey. After all our grand years together.

Darling, until here now –lots and lots of love

Your own –

PS. I love you

Tanx Keed for the very good candy. Twas’ nearly as good as mine, you are learning. I stole the candy, pineapple and peanut butter, from the package and took it to my rooms as not to share it at the mess (selfish eh?). If you send candy, try to put it in the laundry, so that I can hoard  it.

I could use a bit of dough –could you bring me about 10 pesos –if Simon doesn’t bring you Do by tomorrow  send Sixto on bike to his house to ask how come. 

Love –



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