Sweetie, I shall have to cut the length of my notes down as I understand every once in a while a bag is set aside and searched and they would have surely found my long letters. A short note is okay tho –that is what I hear. The food you send is too good –imagine chicken and tenderloin –and they call this war. I saved the cake in my trunk and ate it all alone –no sharing, I’m sane as hell this morning –one of those new big towels you sent was stolen from off my bed last night. Be sure to send in the oldest, junkiest towels, sheets, etc that you have. Saw Sourette yesterday –she looks like hell. How did Juan manage his 2 gals? It is swell inside –am getting one meal a day at Billie Gilmore just now, and which with your grand things thrown in I have gained 2 pounds –uh? Don’t forget 9:30 Sunday –I’ll be waiting to show you the ropes.

Am still at the stair landing but expect to move today to the roof or to the gym.

What are you doing about the air conditioning? I still believe you could run it at night safely –but you can be the best judge of that. Remember you have two fans in the bodega that George can fix for you if you want and the big fan in the sala could always be used in the boy’s room to force a breeze at nights.

Lots and lots of love.


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